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Belle Creek Block Party

September 14th, from 6 to 10 pm, Eric Quinn of Connect4Homes is throwing a block party for everyone who lives in Belle Creek. "The Closers" will be performing live blues music. There will be a pony carousel and petting zoo and neighbors will be grilling up hambergers for everyone to enjoy. So join us in the Central Park for this free event and be sure to bring a neighbor! If you want to drink alcohol, be sure to bring your own.


Socialize with your neighbors and have a beer on our sponsors. The Belle Creek Metro District will be throwing a party to celebrate community and German culture with beer, brats, and pretzels on September 21st at 6 - 9 pm. This will be held at the family center and will only be available to adults.

Despite the name, Oktoberfest is an agricultural festival that is commonly celebrated in late September to take advantage of when crops would have been harvested. In 1910, during the 100th anniversary of Oktoberfest a world record for beer consumption was recorded (120,000 litres) - we Americans we have kept the beer tradition. -

If you are game we will also offer some American flare with Beer Pong and Giant Jenga. If you have any other game suggestions we are open to hearing them. Stay tuned for more information.

About Us

Belle Creek residents value our neighborhood. We care about the happiness of our neighbors, the stability of the community, and the value of our homes. These values are the purpose for the Covenant Enforcement Committee.

Belle Creek is one of many newer neighborhoods that has a Metropolitan District (also known as a Metro District), instead of a Homeowners Association. The most notable difference, for homeowners, is that payments for common area maintenance, covenant enforcement, and the family center are made as a part of your annual property tax payment.

The Belle Creek Metro District has one five-person board (MDB), which manages the Metro District and empowers the Covenant Enforcement Committee (CEC). The MDB is responsible for the annual Belle Creek budget and generally fulfilling the requirements of a Metropolitan District, and is home owner controlled with all board members being residents of Belle Creek. In contrast, the CEC is a group of volunteer Belle Creek homeowners whose sole purpose is to work with the Covenant Enforcement Manager (Wolfersberger LLC) and the District Manager (Mulhern MRE) to ensure fair and consistent covenants are in place and people are held to the appropriate standards. The CEC does this by assessing community concerns, handling violation disputes, and approving/rejecting architectural review requests. All of the decisions of the CEC are upheld by the powers given to the MDB by the Master Declaration of Covenants and by-laws.