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October 18, 2017

I. Attending

Charles Wolfersberger, Wolfersberger, LLC, Committee Members: Nephi Wright, Sabrina Ray, Leonard Sandoval. Belle Creek Residents: Angela and Darren Suppes, Anita Mozdzier.

II. Resident Comments/Issues

The Committee discussed the lawn weed issue at 10852 Beeler Street. The problem has been resolved and they never got to the fine stage.

The Committee discussed the house painting deadline extension request for the property at 9325 East 108th Place. They decided to give one last deadline extension until May 01, 2018, because the house paint does not look bad in isolation, but does not match the community and was not approved when it was originally painted. Nephi will email the homeowners of this decision.

The Committee discussed the house paint deadline extension requested for 9240 East 107th Place. They decided to give a deadline extension until May 01, 2018 because it was the first request and the issue is only obvious from specific angles at specific times of the day. Nephi will email the homeowners of this decision.

The Committee discussed landscaping concerns at 10817 Beeler Street. The home is newly rented and when the renter moved in, the property was already two notices into the weed violations. The problem is not resolved. While this is only the second time the current renter has received violation notices, the homeowner is responsible for the property and should have seen all 4 notices. The original email was not clear in what he is asking, so we decided to ask the renter for clarification.

The Committee discussed the landscaping problems at 9516 East 107th Avenue. We received an email stating that the renter is aware of the problems on the property and will be discussing them with the homeowner. Nephi will email the renter to ask for a progress update and to see if we should reach out to the homeowner directly.

III. Covenant Enforcement Matters


IV. Committee Member Comments/Issues

Leonard Sandoval stated that the one way signs in the alley behind his house seem to be going in and also noted that the garbage trucks seem to now be using the alley to get the garbage at the condos. He expressed concerns for the lifespan of the concrete in the alley.