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September 20, 2017

I. Attending

Laurie Tatlock, Mulhern MRE, Inc., Charles Wolfersberger, Wolfersberger, LLC, Committee Members: Nephi Wright, Leonard Sandoval. Belle Creek Residents: Rick Gehringer, Sandra Embry, Jason Hames, Alex del Valle, Anita Mozdzier.

II. Resident Comments/Issues

Sandra Embry advised the Committee that she has concerns regarding the welfare of her neighbor. Charles advised that this property has been turned over to the attorney for covenant compliance and collections. The Committee agreed that it would be a good idea for Sandra to contact Commerce City Neighborhood Services to see if a welfare check could be ordered and possibly have the City issue an order for yard maintenance.

Jason Hames showed the Committee the paint colors that he proposes for his home. The Committee will go by a property that has similar colors and by Mr. Hames’ property after the meeting and let Laurie know if the colors are approved.

Alex del Valle, showed the Committee pictures of his yard and discussed the improvements and maintenance that he has completed and asked that they consider a fine reduction. The Committee approved writing off all by $25 in fines.

The resident living at 9492 East 106 th Drive disagrees with Charles’ assessment that her front yard turf is in disrepair. The Committee reviewed the pictures that were recently taken that clearly show the turf has some disrepair. Laurie Tatlock will draft an email response for the Committee to review and then respond.

The Committee discussed the lawn weed issue at 10864 Belle Creek Boulevard. Nephi will draft an email advising the owner that the Committee has already allowed nearly 2 months with no fines to remedy the problem, but the weeds are still a problem and fines will once again be assessed.

Charles had sent a picture of the backyard at 9288 East 109 th Avenue, noting that the property had a backyard disrepair violation. The picture shows that the owner has placed play yard mulch in all of the turf areas. The Committee asked Charles to send a notice that the owner needs to submit a Design Improvement Request Form for the Committee to review.

Charles advised the Committee that 10642 Dayton Way requested that he only paint his trim. The Committee will inspect the property and see if the painting can be delayed.

III. Covenant Enforcement Matters

Charles explained to the Committee that another community that he manages has had resident complaints regarding odors from marijuana plants growing outside and recommended that the Committee consider a Design Guideline change prohibiting growing marijuana plants in Belle Creek yards. The Committee discussed and agreed that waiting to see if this will be an issue in the future, they will not address it until it becomes an issue.

The Committee advised turning the accounts at 9250 East 107 th Place and 10843 Belle Creek Boulevard over to the attorney for collections. The committee reviewed the reports from Wolfersberger, LLC

IV. Committee Member Comments/Issues

Leonard Sandoval has asked neighbors in his block and the owner of Belle Creek Commons if they agree that one-way alley traffic would be helpful. He advised that they all agree it would be a good idea. Laurie Tatlock will place the order for the signs.