Family Center Site

June 14, 2017

I. Attending

Laurie Tatlock, Mulhern MRE, Inc. Committee Members: Nephi Wright, Sabrina Ray Residents: Miriam Karkanen, Tom Roetting, Alex del Valle, Anita Mozdzier

II. Covenant Enforcement Matters

The resident at 9492 East 106th Drive informed the committee via email that she has installed a sprinkler system and would like the committee to reverse the $325 in fines for turf disrepair. The will committee will consider waiving some or all of the fines when it is clear that the turf has been well established.

The resident at 9485 East 108th Place requested via email that the committee reverse the fines at his property. He purchased the property last fall and addressed the issues this spring. Charles has advised that the property is now in compliance. The committee agreed to reverse the fines.

The resident at 9325 East 108th Place has requested a second extension to repaint his residence. The house was painted a color not approved. The committee agreed to extend the deadline and not assess further fines, but would like the homeowner to set a date certain that the work will be complete.

The resident at 10752 Dayton Way has requested a fine reduction, stating that he has re-landscaped the area and re-seeded the grass. The Committee will consider a partial fine reduction when Charles confirms that the violations have been fixed.

The committee reviewed the reports from Wolfersberger, LLC

III. Resident Comments/Issues

Miriam Karkanen and Tom Roetting asked about the status of obtaining proxy signature and expressed a concern over the condition of the property at 9248 East 109th Avenue.

The resident at 10682 Dayton Way asked that the committee re-inspect his property and consider a fine reduction. The committee will get back to Mr. del Valle when Charles re-inspects.

Anita Mozdzier expressed her concern over the large wedding that was held at the family center last weekend. She also advised the committee that she had re-seeded her front lawn and wanted penalties to stop while it was getting established.

IV. Committee Comments/Issues

The committee will reduces one-half of the fines at 10742 Dayton Way if all of the violations are cured.

The committee discussed the proposed dog park at the Belle Creek apartments. Laurie advised that she asked them to send notice to all adjacent property owners. She also noted that it might not be an allowed use within the zoning.

The committee discussed the parking restrictions that The Dunes are considering imposing.