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May 17, 2017

I. Attending

Laurie Tatlock, Mulhern MRE, Inc., Charles Wolfersberger, Wolfersberger, LLC. Committee Members: Nephi Wright, Sabrina Ray, Leonard Sandoval. Belle Creek Resident: Rick Gehringer

II. Covenant Enforcement Matters

The property owner at 10779 Akron Street, has requested to change the color of her home to a color not in the “approved” color list. As requested, she painted a sample of the requested colors and the committee met at her property to review. The body color that she is proposing in a medium light gray, with light gray trim and a purple door. The committee was concerned about the number of gray homes adjacent to her property. She advised that her neighbors were supportive of her choices. The committee asked her to get letters of support from her neighbors and then they will consider approving the proposed colors.

The committee reviewed the violation log and fine ledger for the property at 9469 East 109th Avenue. Leonard Sandoval is going to work with him to cure all of the violations and then if there are no violations for 6 months, the committee will reduce his fine balance by one-half.

The property owner living at 9445 East 108th Place is requesting a fine reduction. The committee reviewed the violation log and fine ledger and requested that staff advise her that if there are no violations for 6 month, one-half of the fines will be reversed. There will be no reversal if there is a violation during that 6 month period.

The property owner at 9466 East 108th Drive had asked for a reduction in fines for trash bin violations as he traveled a great deal and did not intentionally leave the bins out. The committee decided at the April meeting that they would reduce the violations by one-half if he would send in payment for the second half.

The property owner at 9216 East 107th Avenue had asked the committee to extend his painting deadline to July 31, 2017. He believes he can get it done by June 30, 2017. The committee agreed that he could have until July 31, 2017, but there would be no further extensions.

The committee reviewed the reports from Wolfersberger, LLC

III. Resident Comments/Issues

Rick Gehringer told the committee that he would like to be considered for a position on the Covenant Enforcement Committee. The committee advised that he needs to attend at least 3 meetings and then decide if he would like to be appointed to the committee.

IV. Committee Member Comments/Issues

Nephi Wright expressed his concern about the lack of attendance at the homeowner meeting held on May 6th. He asked that staff make sure that the YMCA sends the email blast and places the sandwich boards announcing the meeting at the roundabout and at the family center