Family Center Site

August 17, 2016

I. Attending

Laurie Tatlock, Mulhern MRE, Inc., Charles Wolfersberger, Wolfersberger, LLC. Committee Members: Nephi Wright, Sabrina Ray, and Leonard Sandoval. Belle Creek Residents: Phillip Silva, Zeyen Wu & Georgia Montoya, Kristin Cypher, and Tammi Garcia.

II. Covenant Enforcement Matters

The Committee reviewed the email from Greg Piotraschke regarding a request from solar panels. The fines on his account are subject to payment via a bankruptcy order, there are still violations at the property and they have requested fine reductions. The Committee discussed that they needed to cure all violations before any discussion of fine reduction or approval of the solar panels.

Charles updated the Committee on the home painted with colors not approved at 9325 East 108th Place. They emailed that they would be repainting to an approved color before the end of September.

Charles asked if the Committee found the alley improvements completed at 9492 East 109th Place acceptable. The owner replaced the grass with rock, but did add a number of shrubs. The consensus of the Committee is that they will allow rock to replace turf as long as there are shrubs and/or trees planted.

The resident at 9694 East 105th Avenue had contacted Laurie Tatlock to see what additional landscaping was required at his property. Laurie reported that only a shrub or plant was needed in front and that she would communicate that to the owner.

The Committee reviewed the reports on homeowner accounts and violations.

III. Resident Comments/Issues

Zeyen Wu and Georgia Montoya, acknowledged that their home had a few areas that may need paint touchup, but questioned the paint violation notice that was sent in early 2016. The Committee will revisit and advise the owners.

Philip Silva asked that he be allowed an extension to paint his home until the end of 2016. He would also like to place artificial turf in the back yard. The Committee advised that he could have an extension to paint his home until 1/1/2017. He would need to submit a design and improvement request from for the artificial turf request.

Tammi Garcia expressed her concern that because she was an employee at the Family Center, she was targeted for a notice of violation concerning the yard improvements that were installed at her home. The Committee explained that all residents need to obtain approval for improvements, and that it is possible that inspections have missed some improvements, but that it was the lack of finish and quality of workmanship that drew the attention of the Covenant Enforcement Manager.

Kristin Cypher discussed her thoughts on community communication regarding Covenant Enforcement. The Committee advised that she had some good ideas and welcomed her participation.

IV. Committee Comments/Issues

Sabrina Ray asked why her property was still showing a violation. Charles advised that he needed to update the list.

Leonard Sandoval discussed his concern regarding the popup trailers on Beeler Street. Charles advised that this is a matter for Commerce City Neighborhood Services.