Family Center Site

July 20, 2016

I. Attending

Laurie Tatlock, Mulhern MRE, Inc., Charles Wolfersberger, Wolfersberger, LLC. Committee Members: Nephi Wright, Sabrina Ray, and Leonard Sandoval. Belle Creek Residents: Briann Arias, Anita Mozdzier and her guest, Mary Dierker.

II. Covenant Enforcement Matters

The Committee asked for an update on the home painted with colors not approved at 9325 East 108th Place. Charles will send a notice and ask them to attend the meeting.

The Committee discussed the tree lawn changes modifications made at 10814 Belle Creek Boulevard. The Committee would allow a garden area under the trees and a footpath to the street, but some turf needs to be added back.

The Committee discussed the request from the homeowner at 10874 Belle Creek Boulevard for a concrete patio and sidewalk addition or a concrete patio and parking pad addition. The Committee approved the patio and sidewalk, but not a parking pad.

The Committee reviewed the reports on homeowner account and violations.

III. Resident Comments/Issues

Anita Mozdzier discussed the challenges that she has had maintaining her property. The Committee agreed to a 30 moratorium on fines, but will require that her property be in compliance after 30 days or the fines will start again.

IV. Committee Comments/Issues

The Committee expressed concern that District trees are not being maintained to covenant standards. Committee member Nephi Wright noted the trees at the sales center needed trimming.