Family Center Site

August 19, 2015

I. Attending

Laurie Tatlock, Mulhern MRE, Inc.; Charles Wolfersberger, Wolfersberger, LLC. Committee Members: Rich Brewer, Leonard Sandoval, Jonathan Stanwyck, Nephi Wright. Resident: Kayla Mumby.

II. Covenant Enforcement Matters

The Committee discussed the landscape work and painting done at 10923 Belle Creek Boulevard and confirmed that the $3,000 held in escrow could be released.

The Committee discussed the proposal to allow the owner of 10917 Beeler Street to complete the backyard landscaping by May 1, 2016. The Committee will waive the fines if the repairs are complete by the May 1, 2016 deadline and all weeds need to be mowed until the lawn is reestablished. Fines will be re-imposed if the repairs are not done by the deadline.

The Committee approved Bluecoat for the body color at 9434 East 106th Place.

Kayla Mumby requested a paint color change for her home at 10883 Belle Creek Boulevard. Even though the proposed body color is the same as the home next door, the Committee approved he body color Graylock since the proposed trim and accent colors are different.

The Committee discussed the owner of 10570 Dayton Street request for additional time to remedy the weed violation at her property. The Committee extended the deadline to August 31.

The Committee noted that the resident at 9287 East 107th Avenue continues to have violations. Staff will send notice that fines that were once waived would be re-imposed because of the ongoing violations.

The Committee noted that the Community Garden was in bad shape this year. Laurie will meet with the Garden Committee to see why people are not using the garden and if an alternative use could be explored.

The Committee continued to review the Design Guideline revisions.

Charles recommended sending out account statements and filing fine and covenant liens at the end of the landscaping enforcement season.

III. Resident Comments/Issues


IV. Committee Member Comments/Issues

The Committee expressed concern about the overuse (volleyball and slip and slides) of the park on Dayton Way between 108th Avenue and 109th Drive.