Family Center Site

February 18, 2015

I. Attending

Laurie Tatlock, Mulhern MRE, Inc.; Charles Wolfersberger, Wolfersberger, LLC; James D. Adams, resident; Rich Brewer, resident; Leonard Sandoval, resident; Jonathan Stanwyck, resident; Nephi Wright, resident; and Kevin Vincel, resident; joined after the meeting had begun.

II. Covenant Enforcement Matters

The Committee discussed the request from the homeowners at 10987 for a fine reduction to facilitate a sale of their property to prevent foreclosure. The Committee agreed that $4,000 should be escrowed for maintenance before the Covenant Lien is released and allowed that all but $600 of the fines would be written off as long as there were no covenant violations 72 hours after the sale of the property.

The Committee reviewed the request for a security door at 10788 Dayton Way. They agreed that the owner needed to pick a design before they could allow the request and suggested that the door be painted to match the trim or the front door.

The Committee reviewed Charles Wolfersberger’s paint evaluation and will look at the properties identified over the next month.

III. Resident Comments/Issues

The Committee asked Jim Adams to join the Covenant Enforcement Committee.

IV. Committee Comments/Issues

The Committee discussed placement of yard furniture at 9636 East 105th Place and agreed that it must be neatly placed on the hardscape of her own property.

As the resident at 10904 Belle Creek Boulevard has now replaced/upgraded the porch lattice and has asked the fines be reduced. The Committee agreed to write off all but $50 of the fines. The Committee agreed that they need to have a policy on fine reductions.